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My Food Diary

Click here to view and print My Food Diary

Healthy eating and an active lifestyle is the key to success in Weight Management. That is why we have provided the Food Diary. The food diary will help you keep track of your meals, calories and exercise for each day of the week. Click here to view the food diary. Print it out. Whenever you eat a meal or snack, use the following scale to track of what you eat, and importantly, why you eat.

The Hunger - Satiety Scale

Satiety 10 Stuffed to the point of feeling sick
  9 Very uncomfortably full, need to loosen your belt
  8 Uncomfortably full, feel stuffed
  7 Very full, feel as if you have overeaten
  6 Comfortably full, satisfied
Neutral 5 Comforable, neither hungry nor full
  4 Beginning signals of hunger
  3 Hunger, ready to eat
  2 Very hungry, unable to concentrate
Hunger 1 Starving, dizzy, irritable

Hunger is the most logical reason for eating. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are comfortable.

Exercise Tips

Exercise for Health:
* moderate activity
* in bouts of 8-10 minutes
* minimum 30 minutes total on most days

Exercise for Weight Loss:
* 50-85% max heart rate
* 20-60 minutes duration
* 3-5 times per week

Examples of Moderate Intensity Aerobic Exercises:
* walking (4.5 - 5.5 mph)
* running (5 - 6 mph)
* aerobic dance
* bicycling (11 - 14 mph)
* stair stepping
* competitive tennis

Any form of exercise, any intensity and for any duration is better than no exercise at all.


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